By “Infinite wake park” the Infinite crew, the long-awaited dream of own wakeboard facility met. The Sesitec System 2.0 is the first professionally installed two-mast system in an outdoor pool worldwide. This is only possible because the swimming pool is only open 6 Dabringhausen weeks summer holidays. In the remaining time the bathroom is now the wakeboard mode available.With the Infinite-Gap session making it one of the most innovative wakeboarding spots was probably officially opened. Click here for the highlight Edit:

Around the Infinite Gap Session also the Infinite Gap Camp took place. A total of 15 participants attended four days together in the pool and preparing for the contest. In addition to common meals especially the common shred, specials stood as the night photoshoot and campfire on the program.

The Leipziger film producer Frederik Schindler ( was present at the opening event and has produced an impressive Edit. Many thanks for that.

Infinite eV heartily thanks the sponsors Obrien, Waketoolz, ION, and the supporters and Sesitec UNIT Parktech, the campers and pro riders, as well as by the lido Dabringhausen without whose support the “Infinite wake park” would not be possible.

More information about the “Infinite wake park” you can find under or
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