It was Jeremia Hoppe who won the title Next Gladiator at The Hague PRO FREESTYLE. His creativity and style where some of the best we have ever seen. The youngest of the Hoppe brothers was consistent, had more good runs and he landed almost every trick. In the finales he pulled a clean double half cabroll.

Runner up was our French friend Matthieu Montoro. With Anthoune Allaux Matthieu announced a few days before the start of the event that he would join the action. And he ride almost as good as Jeremia, landed a lot of tricks and had a nice variety in his tricks.

Than there was another Hoppe, Mattias Hoppe, who cam in 3rd. He deserved it. In the GoPro best kicker contest is was Mattias who won the price with a Moby Dick 5 nose grab.

In the finales there were a lot of double grabs, the bar was set high and it was human fireworks with both Dutch and international riders. All riders were stoked about the competition and said they come back next year.

Riders: Jeremia Hoppe, Matthieu Montoro, Mattias Hoppe, Hugo Charbit, Antoine Allaux, Dirk Gideonse, Antoni van der Wekken

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