Stop two of the “Hot, Fresh ‘N Roasted Nuts”/Burrito Tour had the STZ van pulling into the Valdosta Wake Compound. STZ team riders Quinn Silvernale, Jeff Mathis, Wesley M. Jacobsen, Cole Vanthof and VWC employee/team homie Terry Bailey kept the momentum going as the crew slayed the cables. The full cable features and the one of a kind pool gap, is something no other cable park has and is top notch. The new System 2 cable pool gaps just went in, and the future for that section of the park is going to be unreal. Everyone had a blast riding/skating/relaxing through storms, while being able to stack some clips. If you haven’t been to Valdosta to ride the cable yet, make sure to put it on your soon to visit list, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned for part 3 as the STZ van heads to Atlanta.

Song: “Web”-Thee Oh Sees

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