As you might have learned recently, newly anointed Alliance Rider of the Year Aaron Rathy is also quite the filmer/producer himself. He’s been flying drones with GoPro cameras for a couple years and become an expert. With Kevin recently making regular GoPro edits at his private park, it was a perfect opportunity for these two to Canadians to get together in swampy central Florida and see what they could come up with. Aaron and Kevin wanted to utilize the symmetry of Area 52’s staircase gap and get a photo of both of them on the recently-installed down-flat rails. To get the shot Aaron mounted his Hero 4 Black into his 3DR Solo drone and had it hover over the staircase. After a few attempts Rathy stepped out of his bindings, picked up the 3DR remote, landed the Solo and reviewed the shots. It took Kevin and Aaron about ten hits to get this shot where they are going up into the top pond.

“The thing that stands out to me about the Hero 4 Black is the ease of use. It doesn’t take much to get really good shots from it. Kevin hasn’t had a ton of experience filming yet, but he’s gotten some great shots while we’re working on the video. All of the mounts and ways you can shoot with the camera make it a lot of fun, too. There are countless unique shots you can get. For the video we can use all the different frame rates the Black offers and get some really cool clips that work well together in the final edit.” – Aaron Rathy

Team Hero 4 Black
Riders: Kevin Henshaw & Aaron Rathy
Park: Area 52
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