What a tremendous return for Jever Fun Wake The Line powered by Nissan 2016.
Beautiful 30+ degree weather, 10 000+ fans (Sold Out) and 24 of the best riders in the world battling it out!

With a stacked group of riders, the head to head format in the first and second rounds were very intense.
The UNIT Parktech presented course was packed full of features which added a lot of creativity and different lines to everyone’s runs. The first gap included two identical WTL UNIT custom features with dual Andy Kolb Signature Series TWO incline boxes, (for the wakeskaters) and a Nissan Navara truck in with a Jever Fun bottle on top. Talk about options off the kicker… We saw a variation of tricks like Nico’s BS 7 or Blake’s B1 to same way 3 out of the bottle.

The next section was UNIT Parktech’s biggest pool yet with symmetrical options coming in and out. Everyone enjoyed this section of features and the consistent pull of the Sesitec System 2.0 HD allowed the riders to focus on presenting their most technical tricks like Daniel’s FS 270 off the safety of the drop down rail. The wakeskaters pulled through with a consistent flow of tricks to combat the big setup as well.

But the man of the day was Daniel Grant. He split his head open getting pumped up before his semi-finals run by jumping up into the corner of the Stadionbad’s low start platform but refused to go to the hospital to get stitches until after the contest. The double threat from Thailand proved that he is the master in both categories, fulfilled his dream, and is your 2016 WTL Wakeboard and Wakeskate Champion!

Huge Thanks to the #UNITPARKCREW volunteers who put together an incredible setup.

Edit: Steffen Vollert
Camera: Steffen Vollert & Ben Howells
Music: hidden transmission – LandMrks

Wakeboard: Wakeskate:
1st Daniel Grant THA 1st Daniel Grant THA
2nd Raph Derome CAN 2nd Austin Pastura USA
3rd Nico von Leichenfeld GER 3rd Andy Kolb GER
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
4 Dominik Hernler AUT
5 Aaron Gunn AUS
6 James Windsor AUS
7 Blake Bishop USA
8 Kaesen Suyderhoud USA
9 Felix Georgii GER
10 Nick Schäfers GER
11 Kevin Henshaw USA
12 Max Balser GER
13 Brenton Priestley AUS
14 John Dreilling USA
15 Alex Aulbach GER
16 Julia Rick GER

Video from UNIT Parktech AG
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