A true student and scholar of wakeskating Nick Taylor has made it his life’s work. To him wakeskating is a science and he has been doing thousands of hours of field research for the last dozen years. It’s more than a sport to him it’s art, it’s self expression, it’s a living thing he follows and learns from. He spent years learning everything there is to know about it and has now found his place in nurturing its growth and evolution. His studies in wakeskating began through the spirited stream of internet chatter on wakeskating.com back in 2003. Rigorously Nick studied its history and fantasized of its future. Unbeknownst to him, Taylor would end up being a big part of its future. Like a devoted student to his subject Nick studied his craft down to the smallest detail. No one has spent more time meticulously crafting their personal style and way of riding than Nick. But Taylor has crafted much more than style during his time in wakeskating. Nick has become a major public figure for wakeskating. He’s recognized globally as a face for wakeskating and does not take that responsibility lightly. Realizing the importance of being a thoughtful and auspicious ambassador for wakeskating he does his very best to properly promote the sport and push it forward. All of Nick’s actions are in the service of wakeskating and that makes his partnership and participation in Istudiomo all the more meaningful and humbling for this film.

For more on Nick, check out http://istudiomo.com/project/nick-taylor/

***You can drown in your bathtub if you fall hard enough. Always wear a life jacket while wakeskating.***
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