Getting shots on single features can be a challenge in itself, so to link together 9 solid hits in 1 single lap brings about a whole new level of difficulty, especially when the course consists of 9 completely unique obstacles / unit-hacks. After 20 attempts and an entire nights rest, Dylan Miller found what he was looking for. Check out his line and cast your vote on

The stylish Oliver Breumlund was nominated to represent team Humanoid in the best line challenge after proving his consistency in the days prior. As fellow teammates Mitch Langfield and Trevor Bashir showed their support from the start dock, Oliver was able to link it all together with classic style and ease. Now you decide if it’s worth your vote:

Even though he had no idea what the tricks are called, the contest approved Jobe rider Dominik Gührs nailed his lap after only a few tries. Watch Nik’s line and you will understand why we call him a “Contest- Machine“. The power to vote is now in your hands at
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