Team Humanoid’s skills, creativity and the way they were approaching the work at The Renovation was just as impressive as the amount of beer they consumed during their stay at Hip-Notics. Thanks Mitch, Trevor and Oli for the hard work and killing it yet again. Now vote for your favorite team on

Dominik Gührs, Sam de Haan and Julian Cohen went out of their comfort zone during the week at Hipnotics. Their simple idea turned out to be the biggest UNIT hack and only with the help of all riders they were able to finish the setup. In the end all the hard work was worth it. Check out all the crazy setups on and vote for your favorite team.

Team Slingshot has been on fire the whole week. Dylan Miller, Antoine Allaux and Steffen Vollert were on beast mode and finished their setup first. Consisting of three features in total it wasn’t only the most UNIT Hacks created by one team but the most fun setup to ride. But see by yourself and give your vote on
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