Try to keep your eyes open on this one… (photo: Mathis)


Do: Take a progressive edge and make sure the hardest part of you edge is right at/up the wake

Don’t: Start too wide outside of the wake. Some people might tell you to but it’s my personal preference to start closer


Take off

Do: Hold onto the wrap handle for as long as possible, otherwise the next step (grabbing) will be almost impossible

Don’t: Transfer your weight onto your toes and make sure you stay on your heels all the way up and off the wake

Getting the Grab

Do: Be patient…the longer you wait to let go of the wrap handle to go for the grab, the longer you’ll be able to hold the grab.  

Don’t: Rush the grab, wait longer and you’ll have more time to tweak it


Do: Stay over your heels. This is where your takeoff over your heels comes in handy. If you take off on your heels, there’s a good chance you’re going to land on them and ride away calm, cool, and collected.

Don’t: Forget to let go of the grab. It’s pretty hard to ride away with part of your hand under the board.