Now that’s a spread (photo: Donoso)

Alliance: Yo Trev! So you’re a dual threat … you kill it on the board and you can capture the action with the best of them, both photos and video. When did you start shooting and what gave you the motivation?

Trevor: It all started for me when I was in middle school trying to put together some sponsor tapes. I just had a little Hi8 tape camera and filmed my friends, and my friends filmed me trying to skate, wakeboard, and everything else in between. I’m not really sure if I ever set out to be a “filmmaker,” it was just a tool to get to my dream of becoming a professional wakeboarder. It was later when I realized I had a little bit of a creative eye when it came to filming and editing. I would say now I get most of my motivation in filming as I see a project coming together that showcases the sport in a proper way.

A: Which do you prefer to shoot? Photos or videos?

T: 100% video. Although photos are fun to shoot, I can’t compose a photo in my mind like I can a video. Before I hit record, I can typically see the finished product of a video and that is why I prefer video over photos. It’s where my creativity can be challenged.  

A: What was your first camera and do you still have it?

T: I honestly couldn’t tell you what my first camera was and if I still had it. If I do, it’s probably buried at my parents house with a inch of dust suffocating the old lump of plastic. But the first camera I started making videos that were actually seen throughout the wakeboarding community was the P2 Panasonic HVX, and I have that camera on my desk still accumulating dust (laughs). At the time, Push Process just came out using the HVX, the Alliance crew was using the HVX, and a few others in the wake community. Although I had nowhere close to the talent of Justin Stephens and the Alliance crew at the time, all I wanted was to own a camera that could maybe one day get me there. Picked up a used HVX a few years later. Literally felt like Steven Spielberg (laughs).

A: Your full length Dog Dayz was such a good video and the wake community, me included, absolutely loved it. Any plans for another full-length in the future?

T: Thanks man, I appreciate the love. Dog Dayz was a passion project and I take a lot of pride in the outcome of the movie. The whole entire crew worked their asses off and it really shows. I hope Dog Dayz is forever in the wakeboarding history books as not just a good video but a West Coast video, where every trick was grabbed. And not just grabbed, but grabbed properly with all four fingers locked and a thumb on top clinched. I wanted it to really portray where the West Coast of wakeboarding came from with the OG’s and where it is currently, at that moment. Just a motion picture time capsule.

As far as a new movie, I have one in my head from start to finish. It’s time to look for funding and get something in the works. I hope it can be soon, but these things just take time.

A: Are you loyal to any particular camera brand?

T: Honestly, not really. I currently have a Sony FS700 with a 4K converting monitor and really like it. Relatively inexpensive by today’s standards but it is a powerful piece of equipment. Been very happy with it.

A: If you were to walk out the door with just a body and lens to go shoot, what would they be and why?

T: l’d probably snag the Panasonic GH4 with a universal lens. Shoots great and it’s able to capture close and far. Sounds easy. Would be nice to upgrade to a camera with a little more low light capabilities though.

A: Obviously you enjoy shooting wakeboarding but is there anything else you like shooting in your free time?

T: I’ve tried shooting wedding videos, safety videos, other random things, but it really just doesn’t keep my attention for too long. If I’m not shooting wakeboarding, I’d rather spend my time actually wakeboarding myself, or doing home improvements (laughs).

A: Always a good one to end with … shout outs, go!

T: Where to begin … first off, got to shout out to the man himself Jesus. But my wife comes in for a close second. She really supports the late nights and travels to make these videos and wakeboarding happen. Always has a cup of coffee and a solid meal ready for me. Hyperlite has had my back for a while now and really supports my ideas and helps make my dreams a reality. MB boats for giving me the opportunity to lead and produce the MB catalog shoots. Lots of responsibilities to give to a dude with long hair and a weird outlook on the industry. So thank you for trusting and giving me the opportunity. Hoven, FatSac, Active Watersports, Water Co., and Stax for letting me represent you all in the wakeboard community. I don’t rep it unless I truly believe in it. All my sponsors have a great product and I’m stoked to be able to work alongside them and use their products everyday.