Methods are bigger in Texas (photo: Donoso)

My name is Tyler Sommer

I am 18 years old

My hometown is New Braunfels, TX

I’ve been riding for 9 years

My favorite spot to ride is Terminus … small cable & money features

My favorite rider is Aaron Gunn because he throws nothing but hammers

The best trend in wakeboarding is riding with a big board and a small stance

The worst is people stealin’ your steeze

The best instagram to follow is @kook_of_the_day, they have some quality content

When I’m not wakeboarding, I’m either taking dubs on Fortnite or working on my WRX.

The worst crash I’ve had riding was when I was riding doubles with a friend behind the boat. I told him to cut out so I could do a trick, and without looking to see if he did, I threw a toeside backroll and ended up landing on top him. Somehow we didn’t get tangled in the ropes or mangled by a wakeboard … God’s plan

The newest trick I’ve stomped and I’m most stoked on would be a switch nose grab front mobe 5, they are tricky but look sooooo good

My instagram is @tylersommer

Shout outs: My parents, Tom Fooshee, Hyperlite, Greg Nelson, Bwhite, & Todd Hicks