Check out some of our highlights from the 18.5 June Issue of Alliance Wake!

Luca Kidd might sound like a made up name but believe us, this kid is definitely on the come-up. Originally from London, the “Kidd” has been all over the map showing his unique style on a wakeboard. Popping through the last light of a Mallorcan sunset, Luca’s coming through with his first Alliance cover and the future is definitely looking bright for him! (photo: Soden)

To quote Two Chains, “It’s a vibe, it’s a vibe, it’s a vibe”…well, you get the idea! And that’s just what Shawn Watson and Luca Kidd found in the Mediterranean Sea. A solid vibe to get some riding done in a beautiful place like Ibiza and Mallorca. With a loaded G23 and plenty of stoke to go around, their stay was nothing short of epic. Want to see more? Grab the latest issue and dive in!

Nico von Lerchenfeld may be best known for his cable riding but he’s been recently pushing things on the winch side. Where most see flood waters, Nico sees opportunity and he proved it when the Rhine River in Germany rose to new levels. Getting a crew together and grabbing his trusty winch, Nico set out to conquer the streets of Cologne. Check out the newest issue for the whole feature!

Parker Siegle is an Australian shredder that’s just dripping with style so he was a solid choice for a Come Correct. A basic spin that you can grab and poke to your heart’s content, Parker takes us step by step through a switch heelside mute 360. Want to ride like Parker? It’ll take more than a 360 but hey, you have to start somewhere! Who doesn’t love a good progression session?!

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