We are two weeks out from the X Games Real Wake 2018 segments going live!

X Games Real Wake 2018 driven by MasterCraft

  • World Premiere of sections at Surf Expo in Orlando, FL during “Premieres & Beers” at the Alliance Wake booth Thursday, Sept. 6th @ 4:30
  • Sections live at midnight Thursday, Sept. 6th on Alliancewake.com
  • Full show airs on Sunday, Sept. 16th at 4pm ET / 3pm PT on ABC

This year’s X Games Real Wake driven by MasterCraft has been the most incredible we’ve seen since the contest began back in 2015. With the riders pushing the limits of what can be done behind the boat, cable, and winch; the sections this year absolutely blew us away. Daniel Grant and Brandon Thomas took us out to Daniel’s homeland of Thailand with some crazy winching. Steel Lafferty and Aaron Rathy put together a section like we’ve never seen before with Steel pushing boat riding as far as it’s ever been pushed. Felix Georgii and Steffen Vollert took their section one step further from last year and it made for some of the best winch hits to date. Tyler Higham and Trever Maur went back to Tyler’s roots riding boat and winching throughout the west coast of the US. Guenther Oka and Taylor Hanley gave Guenther major redemption from his last minute section in 2017. Dylan Miller and Trevor Bashir showed Dylan’s versatility with the winch and creativeness when it comes to his boat riding. Real Wake always brings out the most progressive riding and this year is no different. The riders definitely did not disappoint and the filmers captured all the incredible moments for you guys to see! So get ready, Real Wake is primed to blow you away!

Stay tuned!