2008 Training Clinics Tours Featuring On-The-Water Wakeboard Sessions

Maryville, TN (April 28, 2008) ~ Want to improve your wakeboarding skills and learn how to do tricks like the Pros?  Then don’t miss the 2008 Training Clinic tours brought to you by Skier’s Choice and your local Supra and Moomba dealer.  The 2008 Training Clinics feature on-the-water wakeboard sessions conducted by professional riders with over 15 years of instructional experience.  On-the-water clinics are available with Dave Briscoe, Russ Wilde and Kyle Schmidt.  Supra and Moomba’s team of training coaches instruct riders of all genders, ages and skill levels.

The 2008 Training Clinic Tours will start off with Dave Briscoe’s Summer Sessions May 3rd in Columbia, SC with Carolina Inboards.  Dave Briscoe’s induction into the Rochester Sports Hall of Fame last year was a great start for kicking off the 6th Annual Summer Sessions tour.  The 2008 tour is expected to exceed every expectation with twenty-seven stops that will expose students to wakeboarding and the wake of a Supra boat.

Dave’s students have the opportunity to not only experience the wake of a Supra boat, but the opportunity to try out some of the latest wakeboard models and gear from CWB and Proline.  Students will get the full experience of what a boat has to offer thanks to Briscoe’s sponsor power with Monster Towers, Wet Sounds, SWS, Boatmate, Indmar, OJ Props, Fly High, Sirius, Smith Optics and No Fear.  

Book early if you would like to take part in the 2008 tour and ride with the Pro who was there when wakeboarding began.  Contact your local Supra or Moomba dealer to schedule a session. Visit http://www.thewakeboardcoach.com for more information on Dave.

On May 13th, renowned wakeboader, Russ Wilde will hit the road on a nationwide tour, “The Wilde Experience.”  Wilde will display his own talents while also teaching skills to young hopefuls and others interested in the sport. Wilde is a professional with 14 years of experience in instructing aspiring wakeboard greats.

Students have commented how Wilde’s professional advice can make a huge difference in a rider’s skills and tactics. Whether one is beginning, intermediate or an advanced rider, lessons from Wilde are a highly beneficial and rewarding experience.  “Some of my students come to me having never gotten up on a wakeboard before, while others are learning their first flip or hitting the double-up or better yet, hitting the triple-up for the very first time,” explains Wilde.

Don’t miss Wilde in 2008 as he comes to a town near you! The Wilde Experience made its very first trek in 2005 and has proved to be a huge success year after year exposing new riders to this great sport. Check with your local Supra or Moomba dealer to schedule your training session during the Wilde Experience Tour.

Kyle Schmidt will offer the 1st Annual Training Clinic Tour ever in 2008.  Over the past few years at the Wakeboard Camp, Kyle Schmidt has created a program, a coaching style and terminology that is used throughout the wakeboard world. This proven program teaches riders how to fall less, how to learn without a coach and how to form a visual, structural and progressive path to their next goal. The program saves riders a lot of hard falls that the old school “cut hard and throw it harder” style of coaching usually brought to the table.

Kyle Schmidt’s techniques can now come to you in several different forms. Not only can you attend Wakeboard Camp, you can also read his instructional articles in WakeBoarding magazine, buy his top selling instructional DVD series “The Book” or attend one of Kyle’s clinics at your home lake.  Throughout the rest of 2008 and into 2009, Kyle will be working alongside Moomba and Supra Dealers to set up these clinics for those who are interested.   

Contact your local Supra or Moomba dealer to schedule a session with Kyle Schmidt and to learn more about his style of coaching.