You might read this selection and instantly slap a “biased” label on the award, but we’d like to think we have a little more credibility than that. And besides, how lame would we have been if we didn’t pick this video? The Parks Bonifay Documentary (or PB Doc, for short) is nothing close to your typical wakeboarding flick. It truly is a documentary on the unbelievable life story of the one and only Parks. This isn’t something you necessarily watch to get pumped up before your next glassy AM ride, but it is something you watch to get moved. Parks’ story is an amazing one, and the A.V.E. team of Keith Kipp and Josh McWilliams tell it in an extremely powerful and poignant way. This isn’t a video just wakeboarders will enjoy, it’s a film about an unbelievable life story that any human would find interesting.