Derek Cook unwinding on the Delta

At the end of every year (or in the beginning of a new year), I usually find myself perusing through all the folders of photos I’ve shot over the past 12 months. Usually this coincides with a search for Photo Annual options, but a lot of it is just sort of a look back at what went down, who I photographed, how well (or not well) I photographed them, and what I can do to continue to push myself and my photography in the future. This search often times brings up photos that, for one reason or another, never made it to print, or even to the website. Sometimes photos get placed into an “options” folder for future issues of the mag, but never quite make it out into print. Other times photos get saved as possibles for the Photo Annual at the end of the year, but then don’t make the final cut against all the other insane shots. And quite often we can have just too many shots of a certain rider, which occurs a lot when working on an interview for the magazine.

After browsing through my files from 2010 here are some of my favorite photos that ended up being outtakes rather than published pieces.