The 2012 FISE Rail contest just took place in France this past weekend. Raph Derome fresh off The Wake Park Triple Crown Obstacles victory swept the competition. As the 2012 Wake The Line approaches we have to think Raph is feeling pretty good after such a strong showing at FISE. Stay tuned for Video coverage soon!

FISE Rail Contest

1:Raph Derome
2:Keith Lidberg
3:SHane Bonifay
4:Nico VOn Lerchenfeld
5th:Kevin Henshaw
5th: Marc Rossiter
FISE Best Kicker hit Contest:
1:Raph Derome
2:Nico Von Lerchenfeld
3:Shane Bonifay
4:Hugo Charbit
5: Dominik Hernler
6: Keith Lidberg
Fise Best Rail Hit:
1:Raph Derome
2:Kevin Henshaw
3:Felix Georgie
4:Keith Lidberg
5:Dylan Miller