The final stop of the 2013-2014 Louisiana Collegiate Wake Tour was held at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Schools came from all over Louisiana and Mississippi to wakeboard, see old friends, and have a great time!

Special thanks to the tour sponsors: Moomba Boats, Backside Five, Bennett’s Water Ski & Wakeboard School, LA Wake Sports, B&L Marine, Swamp Sports, and Slingshot Wakeboards.

Final team results for the 2013-2014 LCWT tour were:
1. LSU 6517.5
2. Miss St. 6237.5
3. Ole Miss 5997.5

Individual results:

Beginner Wakeboard
1. Holden Marceaux (LSU)
2. Jeff Smith (LSU)
3. Brandon Walther (LSU)

Women’s Wakeboard
1. Doryn Gremillion (ULM)
2. Katie Erickson (Miss St)
3. Emily Clark (Miss St)

Intermediate Wakeboard
1. Houston Buckley (Ole Miss)
2. Brennan Thomson (La Tech)
3. Jordan Hughes (LSU)

Open Wakeboard
1. Kyle Jordan (LSU)
2. Trevor Duncan (ULM)
3. Dillon Payne (Ole Miss)

1. Brandon Walther (LSU)
2. Brennan Thompson (La Tech)
3. Blake Armstrong (Ole Miss)