2014 Alliance Superlative Awards – Video Section of the Year

Randall Harris – Al Sur


Randall on the set of Al Sur, somewhere deep in Mex.    Photo: Rodrigo Donoso

There are countless combinations of words we could try to put together to describe the riding that is Randall Harris’, but they never suffice. They never live up to the unbelievable standards he has set for himself over the years. Throughout the peaks, valleys, and turns of the WSR legend’s career there have always been two constants: his love/hate relationship with wakeboarding (in a good way) and his ability to drop jaws with his riding. All of this comes together in Randall’s riding in Al Sur, especially in the video’s closing moments. He attacks the wake with the same ferocity, determination, and style that have made him infamously popular around the globe. In doing so he once again leaves jaws on the floor, proving once again his style of riding is untouchable. Yes, other riders go big. Yes, other riders charge double ups. Yes, other riders have good style. But nobody rides the way Randall does, and nobody probably ever will. To make the whole thing even crazier is the fact that Randall is 33 and has been filming full length video sections since the mid-90’s. MayDay came out in 1996. Let that marinate in your head for a bit. A good portion of you reading this were probably still having your ass wiped in ‘96.

But video section of the year isn’t about a career or a legacy. It’s about a particular video and the riding put down in it. To put it simply, Randall’s riding in Al Sur is once again of the mind-blowing variety. Not just doing some tricks that only he can do, but doing them with his signature style. Watching him charge double ups is at the same time inspiring and deflating. Inspiring because of how hard he charges. Deflating because not only will you never do that, but nobody else probably ever will, either. If graceful and explosive could ever be combined, it might just be in Randall’s riding in this video. There is a raw ferocity to it all, heightened by the moody effects of dwindling daylight and dark clouds. Each trick makes you squirm in your seat with anticipation, until ultimately, by the last double up, you’re at the edge of it, completely floored, wondering how the hell he keeps doing this, and when can he do it again.