2014 Alliance Superlative Awards – Web Video of the Year

Beyond Perception – Raph Derome / Jonathan Ferguson


Raph’s riding throughout “Beyond Perception” was equal parts legit, creative, and progressive.   Photo: Yann Roy


Could there be any other choice? Let me answer for you, in case you were really debating. No. If ever there were a case for Raph Derome being named the Most Interesting Wakeboarder in the World, Beyond Perception is it. Can’t you just see him filming a commercial for Red Bull or Liquid Force? “I don’t always wakeboard in the public eye, but when I do I break the Internet.” That’s pretty much what he and Jonathan Ferguson did with Beyond Perception. The 8-minute-41-second video is full of mind-numbingly awesome riding and filming. Both Raph and Jonathan knew they had huge shoes to fill following the success of Raph’s other insane web video, 2012’s Raph. That web video blew minds and set the standard for what a truly killer, progressive web video could be – I’d argue it was the first web video that had a significant impact on the growth and progression of the sport as a whole. With Beyond Perception Raph and Jonathan basically took Raph, cussed at it in French, and went ape-shit on making it awesomer. Yes, I just said awesomer. Other adjectives don’t suffice. Raph’s unparalleled abilities truly shine in Beyond Perception, both off the water with creative ideas and insights into the sport, and on it with jaw-dropping execution of those ideas. There really is only one rider in the sport who can stay relatively isolated for an extended period of time and then come out with a few minutes of video footage that instantly prove he is the best all around rider in the world. That rider is Raph Derome, and he’s done it twice. You better not take two more years for your next one, Raph… Actually, take as much time as you freaking want, it will be more than worth it for the rest of us.

In case you haven’t seen it here it is, but chances are this is probably your 8th time watching it…