For the past couple weeks we’ve taken you on a journey through the past 14 years of the Alliance Rider of the Year Award. The list represents some of the best and most influential riders in our sports’ histories. This year we’re stoked to add another rider to the club: Aaron Rathy.

Doubling up, Rathy style     photo: Rutledge

The reasons behind Rathy’s selection are many, and for his full interview you’ll need to pick up a copy of the Dec/Jan Photo Annual issue of Alliance Wake, but we’ll leave you with this tidbit: there are a lot of riders out there with just as much talent as Aaron Rathy, but few have the passion and drive to push that talent as far as it can go – just to see what is possible, and to see where they can take the sport. Rathy’s passion and talent have directed him down several different paths in the professional wake industry, and each time he’s been at the forefront. This past year that all came together in epic fashion, making Rathy the next Alliance Rider of the Year. Congrats, Rathy!

Soul, bro     photo: Cortese