The 2015 USA Wakeboard Collegiate Nationals held in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Mens A:
1st Freddie Wayne
2nd Nick Vaccari
3rd Jon Hunt

Mens B:
1st Will Green
2nd Garrett Black
3rd Blake Zimmerman

Mens C:
1st Jon Kistemaker
2nd Tyler Sacone
3rd Jason Craver

Mens D:
1st Greg Crusco
2nd Alex Montgomery
3rd Doug Cofer

Womens A:
1st Casey Knox
2nd Callie Watson
3rd Dixie Smith

Womens B:
1st Heather Bouchard
2nd Shay Carter
3rd Avery Sawyer

1st Marcus Knox
2nd Garrett Black
3rd Blake Zimmerman

1st University of Florida
2nd Arizona State University
3rd Oklahoma State University

Thanks to all the sponsors; Alliance Wake, Moomba Boats, Supra Boats, Backside Five, Southbound Design, Shreveport Bossier Sports Commission, and Cypress Park.