While this may seem like a surprise, let us explain. Tony Iacconi used to be the butt of every Aussie, fat and stiff riding joke in the world. Tony turned it up this year when he easily could have kept doing the same ol’ thing he did the year before, but he didn’t. Tony took his health as serious as anyone, and it was evident when he showed back up from Australia in March. If you follow Tony on social media, you would see he was up at 7am riding as the sun came up every day. What you don’t see is that he usually wakes up before that to go to the gym before that sunrise boat set. He follows that up with 2-3 more boat sets a day, which is just crazy. His contest results proved that the dedication was well worth it because he was consistently on the podium and was battling Mike Dowdy all season for the top spot and the overall. Tony even dropped a video part at Surf Expo which surprised a lot of people. While his riding style may still not be everyone’s favorite, we here at Alliance have taken notice. He has turned from the butt of the joke to “Damn, Tony, is a machine.” His work ethic is something everyone is envious of and we are excited to what he will bring in 2017.