10. Josh Twelker
If you looked up the definition of style Josh Twelkers name would be there.  Twelker pushed what was possible behind the boat this year in his Dog Dayz and Real Wake video part.  He suffered two injuries throughout the year and still managed to put out consistent unique and creative content.  If Josh had a year like he had injured there is no telling what a healthy year would look like.

9. Kevin Henshaw
Where do we even start with what Kevin Henshaw has done this year.  He built, created and re-created one of the best places to wakeboard in the world.  There were always some rails around orlando to ride, like the projects and clear lake, but nothing compares to what Henshaw built.  He not only lets friends from all over the world to come ride but he still finds time to push his riding and get photos in the mag.  We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings to Kevin and Area 52. (photo: soderlind)

8. JD Webb
JD has had a fire lit under him the past few years and it shows.  He ended up on the cover of issue 16.6 with a timeless slaysh and proved that he has just as much style switch as he does regular.  JD always has a unique way of wrapping up and grabbing tricks that is all his own which is why he gets consistent coverage in the mag. (photo: soderlind)

7. Wesley Jacobsen
This long haired, skinny stancing, tattoo giving South Carolinian does not fit the typical mold that most riders fall into.  Wes has brought a flair all his own which has been needed in the sport lately.  Wes put out consistent coverage from his home at Valdosta as well as creating “The Coalition: The Movie” which we have heard there is already a sequel coming out next year.

6. Guenther Oka
Guenther Oka may be a new name to many of the readers but everyone could see this coming.  Guenther is proving that there is no box you can define his riding too.  He hung with the best riders in the world at the Shredtown Jamboree and he dropped a video part “Day 10” with boat, rails and winching.  We also featured him in issue 16.6 and dug a little deeper into his story.  We wouldn’t be surprised if he is in the top 3 next year on this list.