The 2016 Alliance gear guide is out and you don’t want to miss this thing.  This issue is chocked full of the latest and greatest in wake gear for the coming season.  It wouldn’t be a gear guide though without having a legend on the cover to start things off.


In standard gear guide fashion we start things off with a unique photo from a GoPro Camera. Shaun Murry has been riding longer than this camera was even an idea but that doesn’t mean a thing to him. Aaron Perkins went out and shot Murry in his backyard on Lake Whipperwhill and those results landed them with the cover for the 2016 Alliance Gear Guide. It also happens to be Shaun’s 20th pro model with Hyperlite this year but his first ever Alliance Wake cover.


Is this thing on? We know, we all have the awkward face staring into the GoPro making sure it is because you don’t want to miss the shot. We had three teams go out and see what they could make happen with these incredible little cameras. Each team got a different model proving just how diverse each one is for watersports. Be on the look out for a video dropping from each team as well showing not just the photo but video quality as well.


Let’s be honest, not much beats going out on the boat with friends and family and enjoying some fun on the water. For 2016 there are all types of boats of all shapes and sizes capable of making wakes of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a hard core wakeboarder looking to charge into the flats or a mellow surf dad who likes to cruise without the rope, there is a boat out there for you, and likely it can do both of those things. We let the pro’s tell you their favorite thing about their boat in this year Boats & Pros.


Behold the latest Alliance Board Test. In what has become one of our most popular projects over the last six years, we bring to you the biggest and best version ever. We had 4 riders test all the latest in board technology behind the boat and the cable to help you with your next board purchase. Pick up the latest copy to see if your favorite boar got “Alliance Approved.”