X Games Real Wake driven by MasterCraft is back and bigger than ever for 2018. Six riders, 90 seconds each, one gold medal. Stay tuned to Alliance for all of the inside info!

Welcome Steel Lafferty to 2018 X Games Real Wake. Steel has been pushing it over they years and it has shown in his past sections and with Aaron Rathy filming, we know it’ll be good. The winner of Alliance ROTY for 2017, we’re stoked to see what he brings to the table!

Welcome Felix Georgii to 2018 X Games Real Wake. The gold medalist of 2017, Felix has the talent to make it two years in a row. Can he do it? Just wait and see…

Welcome Guenther Oka to 2018 X Games Real Wake. A sub in last year, Guenther comes back this year as a first pick and based off what he did with 2 weeks of filming last year, we can only imagine what he’ll do with the full time!

Welcome Dylan Miller to 2018 X Games Real Wake. With his laid back style yet hard charger attitude, we know Dylan comes into this hungry and ready to snag the gold. Can he do it?

Welcome Tyler Higham to 2018 X Games Real Wake. Tyler’s raw talent from Bend, Oregon that was just chomping at the bit to be a part of this. He’s got tons of style and the tricks to back it up and we know he’s going to throw down!

Welcome Daniel Grant to 2018 X Games Real Wake. What can we say about this kid? He’s a powerhouse that lands tricks most think are impossible. What will he do for his section? Only time will tell…