Shane keeping it old school

Words: Shane Bonifay // photos: Mathis


Boat: Axis A24
Ballast: 1,200 lbs. Internal, two 900 lb. Eight.3 Plug ‘n Play bags, thirty 50 lb. Lead Wake bags
Speed: 22.8 mph
Lake: Clear Lake, Orlando
Crew: Tony Carroll, Gunner Daft
Tunes: Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves


Do: Commit to the edge! Take a nice wide approach and hold your edge all the way to the top of the wake to get the most pop possible.

Don’t: Edge so hard that you punch through the wake.


Do: Shift your weight from your back foot to your front so the board starts to go out behind you.

Don’t: Take off early! Wait for the pop or you’re going to end up going down nose first.


Do: Keep your knees in and go for the grab right off the top of the wake.

Don’t: Look down at the board. Keep your eyes up and looking towards the landing.


Do: Pass the handle to your back hand and start pulling it into your back hip to initiate the 180.

Don’t: Try to sneak the 180 in too late. The later you bring it around, the higher your chances are of getting scorpioned.