Content Guru of the Year – Dave AV

If this last year proved anything, it’s that cable riders love drone clips more than a fat kid loves cake. And when you have a drone pilot as talented on the sticks as Dave AV then you’re going to see a TON of content. Dave was all over the map all year long filming every rider he could. Not only that, he was flying at contests all over the map and everyone on the interweb was just eating it up. Our only question is, how many drones have you crashed Dave? We just gotta know.

 Magician of the Year – Aaron Rathy

As time goes on, riders that you see shredding every day slowly go from the public’s eye to more of a behind-the-scenes role. Realistically, those knees can only withstand so much abuse. Some get desk jobs, others become team managers, and some with a creative eye, like Aaron Rathy, ditch the board for the camera. Being a pro rider himself, Rathy knows how to make our sport look good. Having shot some awesome pieces over the year, we like to think Aaron still finds time to get on the board. Will we see it though? Who knows…and that’s why we landed on Aaron Rathy as “Magician of the Year”!

Shit Talker of the Year – Oh Come On Man

Everybody has an opinion and in this day and age with social media, that opinion can be plastered all over the place without having to actually back it up with your name. Enter Oh Come On Man. His brand of “wakeboard satire” has gotten plenty of laughs and has definitely ruffled a few feathers along the way. Apparently people don’t like to get called out for zeaching tricks…who knew? If you’ve been a victim of his “keyboard chaos” then kudos to you, and if you haven’t, tread lightly because he’s always watching. But don’t worry, we’re watching him too…

Gardner of the Year – Crosse Bearden

Do you need your hedges trimmed? Weeds pulled? How about your grass cut? Well, look no further than Crosse Bearden who seemed to spend more time on land then on the water over the course of 2019. At his home cable of Valdosta Wake Compound, there are plenty of opportunities for dirt slayshin’ and when you add in his technical rail hits, it’s a combo that we just couldn’t get enough of. Doing a backside 540 onto grass is no laughing matter and that was just one of the many hammers that Crosse dropped over the season. It might be dirty work but somebody’s gotta do it!

Sender Of The Year – Graeme Burress

2019 was the year of SEND! We all got to witness the resurgence of Graeme going HAM and we loved every bit of it. And if you didn’t then you need to get your eyes checked. It seemed like every time we turned around, Graeme was sending some insane gap, winching a huge rail, or just straight sending it harder than anyone else out there. Not only that, he adds his own style and flair to every trick he goes for which makes it all that more entertaining to watch. Graeme definitely has the phrase “go big or go home” burned into his mind. It’s been a rocky road for Graeme to get back to the top but we’re stoked for him and can’t wait to see what he brings to the table for 2020. Keep sending it Graeme.