Riding the narrow channel through the sticks is something serial and not something you see everyday.

Week three brought on a new place for me, Yarrawonga, which is most known as the lake with all the dead trees.  Yarrawonga is easily the hottest place I think I have ever visited not just in Australia but ever.  With temperatures above 100 everyday by 8am and temperatures above 80 every night it was a hot one.  This was the last week before everyone headed to Nautique Moomba Masters so there was’t as much shooting as weeks past.  I caught up with some of the women of wake to shoot at this legendary spot throughout the week.  Thursday brought on another travel day down to Melbourne but luckily it was overcast and raining so it was a perfect day for it.  The craziness of Moomba is about to start so watch the live webcast all weekend and see if your favorite rider makes it through.  Most Pro Men and Women ride from 6-10 PM each night Aussie time so that is around 2AM EST.

Raimi Merritt with a method into the sticks.

Megan Ethell with a cheeky melon on the last day in Yarrawonga.

Taylor McCullough grabbing some tail.

Next stop, Moomba Masters.

Waiting for the train to take us down to Melbourne.  This was the first time on a train for a few people.

Rainy train ride down to Melbourne.

Melbourne has graffiti every where you look.  This is just one of the many alley ways you walk past that is tagged.