Fireworks after the 2016 Moomba Masters to mark the start of the 2016 contest season.
Well, my time in Australia has come to an end but not without lots of memories, pictures and new friends.  It’s hard to believe just how unique Australia is without writing a long drawn out story, but we will save that for the next issue of the magazine.  During my last week I ended up at the 2016 Nautique Moomba Masters down in Melbourne.  It is the first contest of the year and one of the most unique locations for a contest.  The Moomba Festival is held at the same time with live music, carnival rides, skate contest and more.  After the contest I ended up going up to Sydney for 2 days to be a tourist before catching my flight home.  Be on the look out for the next issue of Alliance Wake Magazine for more photos and stories.

Josh Twelker bringing his signature style to downtown Melbourne.

Noah Flegel snuck under the radar last year with one of his best seasons ever.  He came out strong again this year and is going to find his way onto the podium evermore this year.

Not a bad view from the start dock looking at the Melbourne skyline.

Princes Pier is an iconic spot to visit while in Melbourne.

The Manly Wharf is a popular place to take a ferry to from downtown Sydney.  Only 15 minutes away it feels like a whole other world.

The cliffs over at Manly Beach.

Sydney Harbor and skyline in the distance from Manly Beach.