Most riders only spend a couple hours a day on the water. So what in the world do they do when their off the water?  Some guys have big trucks, fast cars, putting greens in their house and video games. Its not always the life of the rich and famous but they all have some things that make their life a little easier. Kevin Henshaw is no exception with quite the little collection of items. Heres Kevin’s top 5 items or things that he cherishes from day to day.

5. Macbook Pro- I spend 3-4 hours a day surfing the web, answering emails doing work. I usually wake up, grab a cup of coffee and check the computer.

4. My Bed- I’m an early riser but I usually try to get 8 hours of sleep in it. When I am on the road I miss it for sure. Tempur-pedic baby!

3. Custom Putting Green- I built it thinking I was going to pro, then I built it and realized I wasn’t. When we first built it we used it all the time and now I probably use it once a day.

2. John Deer Lawnmower- 48 inch riding lawn mower. It takes about an hour to mow my yard. Luckily my girlfriend likes too use it more then me.

1. My Kitchen Island- Everything basically happens around the Island. When I remodeled this house I saw it in a magazine and wanted to build one like it. Went with little contemporary style.