He may be young at the age of 20, but Steel is living life in the fast lane, so his experiences run deep.


As the subject of our 20 Questions interview in issue 12.5, we thought it would be a good time to throw Steel under the bus with a new feature called “Have you ever?” It’s a lot like “Never have I ever,” except the opposite of that, and no one has to move out of town because they played it after drinking too much and revealed their darkest most emberrassing secrets. We told Steel that we refused to take no for any of his answers, so if he hadn’t done something then tell a story of  similar experience. Man this kid think he’s funny. Luckily so de we…


Have you ever been knocked out wake boarding? Yeah, none I can remember though…haha! Good one huh? I broke my back when I was14 and knocked myself out then as well.

Have you ever broken a bone? I broke my back… I was almost paralyzed. It was a good thing my spine is made out of steel, they just welded me back together.

Have you ever been in a fist fight? Only with myself and this little girl at an ice cream store cause she cut me in line and then took the last scoop of double bubble candy ice cream!

Have you ever lost a fingernail? No but I lost my dog once… He was gone for 2 hours :(.

Have you ever been suspended from school? Yes for being too smart…The teachers couldn’t handle my intelligence so they kicked me out!

Have you ever met an A-list celebrity? Yeah I hang out with Parks Bonifay like every day…. Also I have met Blake Griffin, he’s huge! I give him twitter shootouts all the time. I think he’s getting more followers now because of it.

Steel HAS jumped over the boat, and grabbed nose in the process. 


Have you ever been naked in public? No, but I once rescued a cat that was stuck in a tree….He was naked.

Have you ever woken up some place strange and not known why? No, but I am working on a mixtape! Half rap half soul music…

Have you ever had an accident involving lawn care equipment? Kevin does not let me use power tools at the house…. So no.

Have you ever been paid to be a model? Thats like asking someone if they breath oxygen…Yes of course, have you seen my jaw line?

Have you ever, really ever loved a woman? Hell yeah! I love my mom and Grandmas more than anyone on this earth. So yes I love 3 women.

You’re such a momma’s boy…

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Steel could also probably claim that he has invented a trick with this late stale fish backside 540 featured in his issue 12.5 interview…kudos.