Rise and shine chicks and bros. Alright, so hopefully you know a little bit about us, we have a ricockulous (that is a good thing) team, heat
formed boots, and some lightweight snappy boards. Not important right
now we are getting off track with why we paid for the space for our
soulful piece of propaganda. In today's age it seems the day is getting
a little shorter – campfire stories of the perfect session can too
easily be replaced by updating the ol` my space account. Not the case on August 12th – it shouldn't be on most days, but trust us on 8/12 you
need to be sideways. A day to get back to the purity of why we all
jumped off the swim deck for the first time, or the adrenaline rush of
trying to do the infamous trick that rattled your dome last season.

So here is what you gotta do, and you might not like it when the alarm
is cranking at quarter to 5, but you need to get up at the crack of dawn
and carve some fresh tracks. Make sure your cell phone is nowhere
insight, laptop, video games and most other "modern conveniences" that you can think of are sidelined for what should be front and center. A couple of 5 gallon buckets, boat keys, the perfect setup (did we mention already that Ronix products kick ass)? Grab a couple of your favorite chums and make a day out of it. Hit that perfect left hander at the end of the lake, finish tapping screws on that 13 degree pitched A-Frame. Remember no cell phones – text messaging can be evil. Spend that time instead coming up with a nickname for your buddy that bailed out at the last minute.

Send us your most legendary moment. Snap a pic or a video clip and email us at 812@squareoneco.com. Write a story about what you did that day that you had never done in wakeboarding. Three of the most, absurd, funny, maybe even heart warming stories (you never know, you might find your soulmate out on the currents on our self proclaimed official wakeboard day) will be published courtside on our website along with a free setup signed by Emily, Parks, Chad, or Mr. D.Harf.