That’s right ladies and gent’s, the new issue 9.3 is IN STORE’S NOW!


This issue is wrapped and sealed with a photo of the one and only Chris O’Shea as he mob’s through the streets of Florida after yet another tropical storm…there’s an upside to every disaster and this picture is the proof.


For the second time in the history of wakeboarding old becomes new with the return of the “Old School” contest. The crashes were harder, the gear felt even more ancient and Shaun Murray once again proved that he can wakeboard at a professional level on ANY type of board, probably even a boogie board…There are also some pretty timeless sequences of Trevor Hansen and Parks Bonifay giving the mobius their best attempts…


We also had the chance to catch up with Pat Panakos on his latest endeavors with the Sesitec System 2.0 and find out what it took to make the Red Bull Wake Lab a reality.


There’s a supah wicked article on a trip to Massachusetts and New Hampshire for some shredding in Keith Lyman, Jimmy Traske, and Mikey Marsh’s hometowns with Northeasterner Ben Greenwood and tourists Derek Grasman and Will Christen. The word wicked was used 1,783 times on this trip…Typical.


Next up is UK Wakestock with Aaron Rathy and Adam Errington. Euro’s love glo-sticks and techno which happen to be the two main ingredients that make up Wakestock UK. Imagine an award ceremony in front of a crowd of 10,000. Adam Errington was officially dubbed a rocktstar on this trip.


Also you might want to check out the dustpan to find out what Danny Hampson has been up to since his ROTY election. Rumor has it that he’s hit the jackpot and going mainstream. All we have to say is that photo’s speak 1000 words…


Oh yeah one more thing, we’re printing on new paper now and trying to decide what it smells like. Rusty said the pages smell like tofu and Russell is claiming that they smell like hi ex girlfriend. Let us know what you think…