9.4 is supercalafragelisticexpialodociously extreme!!! Shane Bonifay is looking HOT HOT HOT with his TS BS tail grab 180 cover shot by Spencer Smith. Within these gold flaked pages you can find none other than: The Coming Up Trip – The national phenomenon that only occurs when the stars and moon align setting the tides and seas equidistant so the young and restless can do what they do best; Grace the waters of Lake McClure, CA. Join Bob Soven, Bob Sichel, Andrew Pastura and Stu Shinn for this wild ride.

The Parks Doc – Yes Parks throws wild parties, one of a kind wakeboarding events and plays poker better than you, but he's also a legend on the water. Check out this interview with Parks and The AVE captain Keith Kipp to see how the documentary is shaping up and when you can expect it to be in your DVD player… Trust us it will be sooner than you think. Parks landed the 1080 years before anyone else and also has a double half cab mobe under his belt. Enough said.

The Pita Pit Road Trip – Follow Derek Cook, Aaron Aubrey, Nick Jones, Robbie Carter and Chris Craig on this west coast mission… It's one thing to wake up in the morning to glass calm water, but waking up to a fresh pita and glassy water sets the bar at a whole new level.

Grant Roberts teaches us how to land a toeside backside 180 on the wakeskate in our "Come Correct" feature while Reed Hansen schools everyone with a wake to wake mute frontside bigger spin in "Framed."

Get with it and pick up 9.4. TODAY! This is only the beginning…