Rathy on his 2017 ARII from Byerly Boards // photo: Rutledge

Rathy on his 2017 ARII from Byerly Boards // photo: Rutledge

A quick look at some of what’s coming for 2017 from the crew at Byerly Boards

Byerly Agenda
MSRP: $310
Lengths: 53”, 55”


The Agenda board gets its shape from the original ARI, which was a top-performer in the boat category of our 2014 Board Test. The lightweight BioLite 3 construction allows it to have minimal swingweight in the air, while the Double Lap technology of wrapping the top and bottom fiberglass layers together keeps it strong. The blended 3-stage rocker helps with the pop, but doesn’t slow the board down significantly for maintaining speed while edging in and landing. Put simply, with the Agenda you’re getting a proven shape at budget-friendly price.

“The Agenda is a very fast and responsive ride. It has an aggressive, straight-up pop off the wake, but still carries speed. I also prefer to ride this finless to loosen it up a bit, but if you like the locked-in feeling better you can keep the fins in.” – Cody Hesse


Byerly BP (Brenton Priestley)
MSRP: $380
Lengths: 54”, 56”


Brenton Priestley’s pro model is back for 2017 and like BP it can shred both behind the boat or in the park. Shaped by Scott “Butch” Bouchard, the BP features Double Lap Construction and a Carbon Energy Ring. The Carbon Energy Ring combines carbon and kevlar strands into a 360 degree rope perimeter around the board for added strength, pop, and responsiveness. Of course, the bottom graphic says all you need to know about this board and BP’s attitude in general: “Take it easy”.

“We kept the same great shape of the BP from last year and took some of the crazy construction out of it to make it a bit more budget friendly. It’s got a continuous rocker, which helps carry more speed and softer landings. The wide belly helps with the pop you might be missing without a 3-stage. The water flows through the center of the board really well, which softens the landing. It’s also loose, so it releases really well, but is also a ton of fun. It has a skatey feel, which I really like, both in the park or behind the boat. It’s not overly aggressive or intimidating, so it’s good for anybody to hop on.” – Brenton Priestley


Byerly Felix
MSRP: $500
Lengths: 51”, 54”, 56”


Look no further than Cody Hesse shredding in the park (and landing triple flips) to see what the Byerly Felix is all about. The Crossover Core combines PU and wood elements that make for a strong, yet lively ride. The Felix is one of the flexier boards in the Byerly line, which combined with a continuous rocker pattern allows you to press with ease and ride away from big kicker launches without throwing out your back.

“The Felix is a very fun, playful, and forgiving board. You can land in a front edge position and butter right out instead of having your eyelids peeled back. It has a consistent flex from the tip to the tail while still remaining strong off kickers. I’ll even shred it finless behind the boat for a mellow ride!” – Cody Hesse


Byerly ARII (Aaron Rathy)
MSRP: $300 (boot only, requires System binding)


Need a classic looking boot that works equally well on boat and in the park. The lightest boot in the Byerly line, the ARII features heat-moldable custom memory foam insoles. Don’t worry about soggy toes, either, as the boots have flow through drain panels and outsoles. Of course, the best part about Rathy’s new boot might be the fact that you could probably walk around in them in public and nobody would notice.

“My ARII is a super lightweight boot, with an extremely minimalist design. It has solid ankle support, and extra soft footbeds for big landings and overall comfort. The light weight of the boot is noticeable when you ride, and it has a lot of mobility once broken in. I wanted the style to look like my shoes, and not so much like bulky boots. I love these things.” – Aaron Rathy


Byerly Haze
MSRP: $310 (boot only, requires System binding)


The Haze might be considered the Goldilocks of the Byerly boot line. It’s not too stiff, but not too soft either. It’s just right. It has a slightly lower cut than other stiffer boots, but offers more lateral support than other boots, as well. The heat-moldable liner ensures you’re getting a comfy fit for your feet, too.

“The Haze boot is the perfect middle ground for flex and stiffness in a boot. Leaning more toward a low cut style boot you can poke and tweak your board a lot easier. This boot attached to some Byerly Systems makes for a responsive, flexible dream under your feet.”  – Cole Vanthof




Byerly Native 40
Length: 40”
Width: 15.6
Weight: NA
MSRP: $290