Check out some of what’s coming from CWB in 2017


CWB The Standard (Josh Twelker)
MSRP: $400
Lengths: 139, 143


Tweak like Twelker, they say. While that might not be possible for most mortal wakeboarders, maybe riding a shape like Twelker’s The Standard can help. Josh’s pro model features a simple outline and basic bottom features that both allow him to do his progressive awesomeness as well as a newcomer to get up and have fun. With CWB’s Pro Core the Standard stays extremely lightweight while the Infusion base keeps it strong and durable. An Alliance Approved winner in the 2015 Board Test, The Standard stands out not just because of who rides it, but how it rides.

“When I set out to design The Standard I wanted a board that rode smooth and felt natural under my feet. With CWB, we came up with the simplistic shape that not only gave me a smooth, natural ride, but was also fast, forgiving and gave me a ton of a pop.” – Josh Twelker


CWB Woodro
MSRP: $480
Lengths: 140, 146


The name says it all. The Woodro is 100% wood to give you maximum flex and press characteristics, with optimal board feel on features. The CWB Ti base and ABS sidewalls help the board stay intact from all the park abuse. The bottom of the board is nearly featureless; the center is smooth to prevent hangups, while near the edges a couple small channels help add a little grip when you ride. Sometimes Keep It Simple Stupid really does work. Don’t worry, Woodro, we’re not calling you stupid.

“I dig the natural flex of the 100% wood core of the Woodro when I’m floating around a park. The extremely durable base and fun flex pattern let me press all season long. The Woodro is a great choice for any rider looking to get the most out of their time on the rails.” – John Deere


CWB Agenda
MSRP: $600
Lengths: 139, 145


If it seems like there is a lot on the Agenda’s agenda, that’s because there is. Built to ride anything, the Agenda is a do-it-all machine that should also last you years into the future. From the get-go the Agenda is different; the core is cut into sections and lined with fiberglass before it’s pressed. This makes it super strong, while the wood stringer through the middle give it a natural flex pattern that’s still fun and lively in the park. If you like to regularly mix up your riding you might look to adding the Agenda to your agenda.

“The craziest thing about the Agenda is how durable it is. It’s basically unbreakable. I like it’s basic bottom features that allow for a clean ride, whether you’re behind the boat or in the park. This is a board you can have fun wherever you ride.” – Daniel Powers


CWB Cobra
MSRP: $400


Built for riders who regularly walk around a cable park or winch spot, the Cobra feature an inner neoprene booty with EVA sole. Trust us, nothing is worse than trying to walk across rocky terrain or through murky water where you don’t know what’s below the surface in your bare feet. Give those puppies some comfort when you’re shredding the gnar.

“The Cobras are the perfect boot are perfect for my park and winching needs with a comfortable fit, medium stiffness, an easy in-and-out 2-in-1 lace system, and wearable inner neoprene booties. I like that bootie has a clean “shoe an sock” look and the outer sole is tough enough to walk on anything. It’s also snug enough to prevent rocks and things from getting inside.” – Kaesen Suyderhoud


CWB Dowdy (Mike Dowdy)
MSRP: $430


When you launch yourself into wake-to-wake double flip variations and 1080’s or 1260’s, you’re likely going to need a boot with some serious support. Mike Dowdy’s signature boots from CWB offer lots of that – with the highest and most supportive cut in their line. The lower laces are connected to CWB’s Impact Strap, that helps lock your foot down into the heel pocket.

“My favorite thing about the MD boots this year are how they’re really lightweight but still really supportive. I’ve found that everybody from young groms to seasoned riders like them because the support can help give confidence to beginners learning new tricks and provide the support needed for harder stuff. Plus they’re just really comfortable!” – Mike Dowdy