Here is a little look at some of what Hyperlite has heading your way in 2017…

Shaun Murray has had a lot of pro models, and for good reason // photo: Cortese

Shaun Murray has had a lot of pro models, and for good reason // photo: Cortese


Hyperlite Vagabond (Trever Maur)
MSRP: $400
Lengths: 138, 143


A vagabond is defined as a person who roams from place to place without a home or a job. But Trever Maur has a home (the Delta) and a job (shredding). His first pro model, the Vagabond, was designed to do what he loves: everything from carving butter to wrapped tuck knee insanity. The Vagabond is Hyperlite’s first board to feature Full Length Curved Flow Channels. This design pulls your primary edge deeper into the water as you approach the wake, helping to maximize your pop.

“My style isn’t very aggressive so I didn’t want a board that was. I wanted a shape that’s fun and forgiving – and that anybody could hop on and enjoy right away without feeling intimidated to try new tricks. I like slayshing and doing butter slides as much as big air tricks, so we beveled the edge on the rail to make the board a bit more forgiving. The rail thins as you get to the tip and tail to help increase edge hold though. We also scooped out the tip and tail to make a Concave Gate that helps give the board more pop while still maintaining that continuous freeride rocker line.” – Trever Maur


Hyperlite Jam (Jimmy LaRiche)
MSRP: $550
Lengths: 140, 145


The Jam. For Jim. This park board has been two years in the making as Jimmy LaRiche has found himself shredding more and more at cable parks across the globe. Utilizing wood and foam in Hyperlite’s Crossover Core, the soft flex pattern is ideal for both playful pressing and landing off huge kicker hits. The Jam also includes a urethane sidewall and sintered enduro base so you can knock the snot out of it. Whether you prefer strawberry, blackberry, or even apricot (weirdos…), the Jam won’t discriminate – it’s made for shredding all around.

“I’ve been working on this shape with Greg Nelson for a while. I really wanted something you could go big on comfortably, so we increased the rocker quite a bit, but kept it continuous to maintain speed when you’re landing after big kicker hits. It’s got a fun flex pattern and the spoon feature in the tip and tail really help lock in presses. Overall the Jam is just really user friendly.” – Jimmy LaRiche


Hyperlite Union
MSRP: $500
Lengths: 134, 138, 143


The Union started out as a true crossover board that leaned more towards boat riding with some park characteristics. These days it leans more toward the cable but can still be a fun ride behind the boat, especially with its finless features. Redesigned for 2017, this new Union is based off the popular Wishbone park shape, but features the Crossover Flex Core to keep it strong yet flexy. The power press rocker allows you to seriously lock into the pressiest of presses and the ABS sidewalls and sintered enduro base mean you can count on it to last a long time.

“On the water the Union is really loose and free feeling like a snowboard. It’s got a lot of flex that makes it a ton of fun to butter and carve around on. It’s a real soulful feeling board. It has the same shape as the Wishbone but a bit softer, more mellow flex, which I prefer over the wood core of the Wishbone. If you charge the park and love carving around, this board is for you.” – Trever Maur


Hyperlite Kruz (Rusty Malinoski)
MSRP: $330 (boot only, requires System binding)


Rusty’s Kruz binding is built exactly how you’d imagine: lightweight, strong, and with lots of support. The Kruz has the tallest cuff in the Hyperlite line and with a BOA closure system you’re guaranteed a locked-in yet comfortable feel. The preference for many of the riders who use the System setup is having your boot connected directly to the board, rather than through a baseplate. Rusty swears by it now; and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to argue with Rusty.

“Out of all the boots in the Hyperlite line the Kruz is on the stiff end. We redid it for 2017, so it fits more true and feels better than ever. They’re a lot lighter, too. I’ve always been a fan of the BOA system because it never comes loose and it’s easy to change quickly. And they look pretty good, too!” – Rusty Malinoski


Hyperlite Webb (JD Webb)
MSRP: $280 (boot only, requires System binding)


If Rusty’s Kruz boot is the locked-in feel, JD’s might be the opposite. The Webb is the lowest cut in Hyperlite’s line and features a softer flexion for a more freeride feel. You’ll still get lots of comfort with the Hyper-Liner heat moldable EVA and impact pods. If you’re looking to get a little more movement out of your bindings for poking, pressing, or one-foot-ering, the Webb might be what you’re after.

“I’m more pumped than ever on my new System boots. Right out of the box they have that broken in feel that normally takes a lot of riding to achieve, but they still have great support for your ankles. I wanted something that let me feel comfortable and get a wide variety of grabs and these do that. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they look super sick, too!” – JD Webb


Catalyst #MrOcean 42 (Brian Grubb)
Length: 42”hl_17_hy_skate_mrocean40_base
Width: 16”
Weight: NA
MSRP: $320