Raph riding his pro model (duh) // photo: Cortese

Raph riding his pro model (duh) // photo: Cortese

Liquid Force is coming in hot for 2017, check out some of their goodies below


Liquid Force Remedy (Harley Clifford)
MSRP: $450
Lengths: 134, 138, 142


“Pop” might be the most overused term in wakeboard product descriptions, but one rider that gets tons of it is Harley Clifford. It goes without saying that much of that comes from his board design. The Remedy has an aggressive 3-stage rocker, combined with the locked-in edging characteristics of the board’s thin profile and the signature Split-Tip shape, and you’re going to get some air when you hit the wake.

“To me the Remedy board is just effortless. Every time I hit the wake it has the same consistent pop. When I land I know it’s not going to sketch out on me because it has so much control. Not only is the pop and control on the board good, but just the all around feel when you’re carving around is so smooth and it transitions from rail to rail so naturally.” – Harley Clifford


Liquid Force Eclipse (Daniel Grant)
MSRP: $530
Lengths: 151, 156, 161


The Eclipse is Daniel Grant’s newest park offering tailored toward riders who now prefer bigger boards under their feet. The PU core with triple wood stringers make the board both flexible, and strong. The single concave hull with Edge Channels help riders get the bigger board going where they want with ease. The added length can take some getting used to, but once you do it’s a ton of fun, and the advantages are immediately noticeable, especially when landing big air.

“I’ve ridden the Tao for the past three years and it’s been perfect for my style, but for 2017 I wanted to try something bigger. The Eclipse is unreal. Having so much surface area under my feet allows me to charge kickers all day and I don’t feel like I’ve been jumping off a building. Plus it’s so much easier to distinguish nose and tail slides – and lock into features. The Eclipse has brought a new element and stoke to my riding, but what I really like is that it will work for all different kinds of riders; from advanced riders looking for something different, to bigger riders looking for more support, to seasoned riders looking for something easier on their knees.” – Daniel Grant


Liquid Force DOSE (Shawn Watson)
MSRP: $530
Lengths: 140, 144


Watson’s DOSE is back for 2017 with some tweaks that make it even better than its initial offering last year. The biggest addition is Liquid Force’s new FlexTrack, which allows riders to dial in their exact stance. The all wood core is lively and fun in the park, but an elongated X Pattern on the top of the board and Pro Glass Layup allow the DOSE to charge behind the boat. This is enhanced with an aggressive 3-stage rocker. If you’re like Watson and you mainly ride boat with some park mixed in on the side, the DOSE could be just what you’re looking for. Although let’s be honest, you’re not like Watson. None of us are.

“This is my first all wood core board. Over time foam boards will start to get soft, but a solid wood core won’t lose its shape. Right away I noticed the extra snap off the wake. The DOSE is a family of boards for me and Shane. Shane’s is more park oriented with a simple base. My board has the deeper channels that run the length of the board to help with traction in boat riding. But it does have the grind base and good flex, so you can still shred the park when you want. With the new 4D boots you can really feel the board more – and you definitely have more control.” – Shawn Watson


Liquid Force 4D Flex
MSRP: $430


Like the name implies the Flex was created to give riders more flexibility. The combination of a vented upper construction with a 3-in-1 closure makes this one of the most adjustable in the LF line. With the new 4D chassis underfoot riders have more connection to the board – meaning more flex. And with a Flex binding, well, that’s a lot of flex.

“The coolest part of the new boot is being able to fine tune your stance so much. I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference coming from traditional bolts and inserts, but it really does. The FlexTrack lets you get exactly where you want – and that tiniest little adjustment can really do a lot.” – Shane Bonifay


Liquid Force 4D Trek
MSRP: $450


The Trek is the flagship of Liquid Force’s new 4D system, which was designed to create the smallest binding footprint in wake. The small chassis gives you more board control and allows the board to flex truer without a bigger baseplate locking it up. What makes the Trek unique is Reflex Walk Liner, perfect for park and winch riders – or guys who just like to wear wake boots. The Honeycomb FlexFloor keeps the Trek super lightweight (lighter than any previous LF binding) while also cushioning landings.

“Spending most of my time at cable parks I have always wanted a binding with a liner I could walk with. But I also wanted to have the choice to easily leave the liner in the binding when on the boat or when the swim is a little longer. So the Trek offers that along with the slickest look, as well as super high performance thanks to its design and the new 4D system.” – Nico Von Lerchenfeld


Obscura Tao 41 (Daniel Grant)
Length: 39”, 41” obscura_tao-41-bot
Width: 16.1”
Weight: 10lbs
MSRP: $400






Obscura Reflex 42
obscura_reflex-42-botLength: 40”, 42”, 44”
Width: 15.88”
Weight: 8lbs
MSRP: $150