Gunner Daft likes riding at sunset and big melans... // photo: Cortese

Gunner Daft likes riding at sunset and big melans… // photo: Cortese

Check out some of what O’Brien is bringing to the table in 2017…


O’Brien Rome (Jeff Langley)
MSRP: $540
Lengths: 138, 141


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Jeff Langley’s pro model from O’Brien. While the Romans didn’t invent towed water sports, they’d appreciate the Jeff’s hard-charging, high-flying style. An aggressive rocker line on the Rome provides the lift while O’Brien’s Delta base and fuller rails provide speed. If you’re looking to blast into the flats or boost off some double ups, the Rome could be right up your alley.

“I designed this board to make everything easier on my body. The landings and takeoffs are a lot softer because it’s not a gnarly 3-stage rocker line. You’re not gonna pay the price in your knees and back if you’re into getting big air or charging double ups. Ultimately I think it’s a board anybody could get up on and be comfortable with behind the boat – it’s not a board that’s gonna take a whole summer for you to master.” – Jeff Langley


O’Brien Fade
MSRP: $640
Lengths: 133, 138, 143


The fade haircut won’t ever die, and if O’Brien has anything to do with it neither will The Fade wakeboard. O’Brien’s newest park board features a 100% wood core with flat spots underfoot and at the tip and tail to provide extended pressing zones. The DuraRail board edges and sintered PTEX base allow the Fade to take a licking and keep on ticking, so now you can have your haircut and your shredstick too.

“The Fade is a great everyday park ripper. With the flex being more towards the tips of the board and a stiffer center this board can really boost off the kickers while still letting you have a ton of fun pressing on obstacles and rails.” – Danny Burnstein


O’Brien S.O.B. (Sean O’Brien)
MSRP: $540
Lengths: 128, 132, 136, 140, 144


There is a reason the S.O.B. is offered in such a wide size range; it has been one of O’Brien’s most versatile boards since it was introduced a few years back. A soft flex pattern with a stiffer belly allow for the S.O.B. to hold strong and charge off the wake while still being playful and fun in the park. Plus it’s got the name you’ll never get tired of saying… “Wanna take a ride on this trusty S.O.B.?” You’re damn right we do.

“I’d describe my board as fun, quick, loose, lively, snappy, responsive, and forgiving. It has a transitional flex pattern – so it’s stiffer in the middle and then gets softer toward the tip and tail, which allows it to work well when charging at the wake or pressing around in the park. It’s the board of choice for a lot of O’Brien park riders, but I love that it’s suitable for every level of rider. It’s designed to promote proper body positioning and help make progression a little bit easier.” – Sean O’Brien


O’Brien GTX
MSRP: $385


The O’Brien GTX combines its highest end features with the ease and simplicity of a strong Velcro strap closure. The Lux chassis is O’Brien’s lightest and and strongest, and with it being canted 2.5-degrees inward it helps create a more natural alignment and leg position when riding. Throw in the Power Arch support system to minimize the amount your foot rolls – thus reducing stress on your knees – and you’ve got a comfy pair of boots for your big-air-loving doggies.

“The GTX boots provide the perfect form-fitting feel that every rider is looking for. The chassis not only eliminates heel/toe lift, making the binding highly responsive, but it also has a 2.5-degree inward cant to put your body in a more comfortable riding position and reduce stress on your knees and ankles. I was shocked and stoked with how much of a difference this made for me. Paired with 3 velcro straps for a no-hassle ease of entry and effortless fine-tuning, the GTX remains at the top of my list of all-time favorite bindings.” – Sean O’Brien


O’Brien Nomad
MSRP: $360


The Nomad bindings feature a single upper panel, which makes them the softest and most flexible in the O’Brien line. But don’t think that means they’re too soft, as big air charger Jeff Langley uses them as his daily boot, along with the likes of Cory Teunissen and Gunner Daft. The same upper is also therma-welded to help reduce weight while increasing drainage and breathability. The Lux 2.5-degree Canted Chassis keeps the boot locked to the board while also helping line your legs and knees up in a more natural riding position.

“The nomad is a super comfortable binding for riders that like a tighter fit. It is a really flexible binding while maintaining great ankle support. I also like that they come in two colorways to give riders more options.” – Cory Teunissen