Shota on the Space Blanket... it keeps him warm // photo: Cortese

Shota on the Space Blanket… it keeps him warm // photo: Cortese

Ronix always has some cool stuff up their sleeves, here’s some of what’s coming for 2017


Ronix Space Blanket (Shota Tezuka + Erik Ruck)
MSRP: $600
Lengths: 133, 137, 141


Space blankets are supposed to provide life-saving warmth while being extremely lightweight. While we don’t know about the lifesaving capabilities of this new shape from Ronix, it’s doing just fine for the likes of Shota and Erik Ruck. Ronix redid their camber approach on the Space Blanket to increase glide speed on the water. The ultra lightweight Airecore 2.0 keeps the swingweight down, while the camber shape allows for a more balanced feeling on the water. Wrap it up and feel the warmth.

“The Space Blanket came from the original Bandwagon. The Bandwagon was a bit slower though, so we actually reduced the camber so you still get the neutral body position and straight up and down pop, but you’re not getting as much drag. It also has vertical sidewalls, which also helped speed it up. The smooth bottom helps it release and ride a lot smoother. The Space Blanket is cruisy and fun to ride, it works well for me and my style, but obviously a rider like Shota can boot out on it too.” – Erik Ruck


Ronix Press Play
MSRP: $450
Lengths: 136, 141, 146


Much like it sounds, the Press Play from Ronix is all about playing around with presses and slides in the park. A thicker belly with variable flex along the rocker line and thinner, profiled tips allow you to rock into solid presses. The added benefit of this design is a bit more snap with ollies and off kickers. The Press Play shares characteristics with the Kinetic Project in the Board Test, but with a bigger sweet spot and a more affordable value.

“The Press Play is my favorite all around park board because of its wide profile, which makes it stable and easy to ride for beginners without sacrificing the feel and responsiveness of a high end cable board. It also has a thicker belly, which makes landings off kickers soft, and is extremely thin on the ends to keep flex in the tips for pressing on rails. If you’re looking for a board that can do it all at the cable this is it!” – Jake Pelot


Ronix Bill
MSRP: $500
Lengths: 130, 135, 140, 145


The Bill has been Ronix’s all-around killer for years, but it got an overhaul for 2017 to further improve its performance in the park. The all new wood core is thinner with more feel, but made stronger utilizing the Ronix Mute Core. Mix wood with poured urethane throughout the tip and tail and you’ve got a revamped Bill that’s ready for wherever you want to take it.

“The Bill board has had very few changes over the years, and I think it’s really stood the test of time, but this year we went with all an all wood core and I think it’s an even better all-around board than ever before. I designed this board with one thing in mind, and that was making it extremely user friendly. The continuous rocker line, mixed with the vertical speed walls, and flared tip and tail, make this the ideal crossover board, whether you’re riding boat or cable and everything in between.” – Adam Errington


Ronix One – Polar Flash (Danny Harf)
MSRP: $500


The One boot might be one of the most famous and popular since its inception over ten years ago. For 2017 the One still leans toward the more supportive side rather than the more flexible side, while the Double Stuffed footbed – firm on the lateral side and softer on the medial side – help accommodate the natural angle of your stance. The Superfabric exterior on the premolded tongues is seriously strong to help prevent the laces from cutting in.

“From the beginning I always wanted the One boots to be the lightest and most comfortable, and they really are. You notice right away how much lighter your setup is with them, and for this year they’re more responsive than ever.” – Danny Harf


Ronix RXT (Massi Piffaretti)
MSRP: $500


Massi is one of the more unique riders on the planet these days, so it goes without saying that his binding of choice should also be unique. The RXT features Ronix’s BrainFrame hardware platform for quick responsiveness and “Naked Technology” – turning Ronix’s TechSkin inside out. This is Ronix’s first boot with true breathability inside a permeable strategic structure – and perforations all the way through the liner. Asymmetrical support gives your ankle more mobility while still locking your foot in place.

“The RXT boots for me are just right: they’re not too stiff or too soft. Even if you ride them for a long time, they don’t get too mushy, either. The perforated liner is awesome, too, not only because it drains really well, but it’s actually cool to feel the water come in and out. I like having them fully laced up but still being able to poke out my grabs. They’re the bomb  – the most comfortable boot I’ve ever ridden.” – Massi Piffaretti


Ronix Boomstick 42 (Reed Hansen)

17_rnx_web_preview_boomstickLength: 40”, 42”, 44”

Width: 15.4”
Weight: 14lbs
MSRP: $350
(0, 1, 3, 5, 8)





Ronix Electric Collective 41
17_rnx_web_preview_electric_collective_41Length: 41”, 43”
Width: 15.4
Weight: NA
MSRP: $200