Dylan making his way through the Rider's Ed course... // photo: Rutledge

Dylan making his way through the Rider’s Ed course… // photo: Rutledge

Want to see some new 2017 Slingshot stuff? Well, you’re in the right place…

Slingshot Pill
MSRP: $550
Lengths: 138, 142


We’re not ones to condone peddling or consuming random pills, but this latest offering from Slingshot is a bit different. From the onset The Pill is built for charging the wake. It is the stiffest board in Slingshot’s lineup, but the natural flex of an all-wood core still allow for soft landings. Dual Naca tech channels help provide traction, while the V-Spine profile softens the water on impact to help with landings. Don’t feel bad if once you pop this Pill you find yourself craving more.

“This is the best board I’ve ever ridden. Period. It’s got the highest speed, stiffest flex, and snappiest rocker in the Slingshot line. What I really like about it is how it handles a bit of chop during high-traffic times on the water. Plus, the landings are incredibly soft with the spine in the bottom. Rides fast, pops big, lands soft; what more can you ask for?” – Dustin O’Ferrall


Slingshot Shredtown
MSRP: $450
Lengths: 135, 139, 143


Do you like Real Wake gold medals mixed with a steady diet of dirty water and concrete slams? Then the redesigned Shredtown pro model from Slingshot could be your ticket to web video fame (and pain). For 2017 the Shredtown board features a new tip/tail shape along with tapered Flex Tips for locking into presses. Of course, the Shredtown is also built like a tank with Fusion Sidewalls and a Ballistic Base because if you ride like any of the crazy trio from Texas, your board is going to take a beating.

“For 2017, we wanted to maximize the flex we were getting from the wood core, so we decided to go with a new tapered nose and tail design, which creates a thinner profile and adds more flex. This board is by far the best pro model board we have had with Slingshot, you can really lock into those presses now, which makes all the difference when hitting rails. Like in years past this board is practically bomb proof with the urethane sidewalls, perfect for winching and or hitting anything that’s gonna tear up the board.” – Andrew Adams


Slingshot Pearl
MSRP: $450
Lengths: 134, 137


The Pearl was built with the lady shredders in mind and offers one of Slingshot’s most versatile rides. The continuous rocker and smooth, tapered outline make for a snappy board that carves well. With its medium flex pattern the Pearl can be charged on both boat or in the park.

“The Pearl is the best all around girl specific board. It is a fast board that provides good pop off the wake, as well as being a good flex board for the cable. I’ve ridden a wide variety of boards for both boat and park, but the Pearl is one of the only boards that rides equally well on both.” – Taylor McCullough




Slingshot KTV
MSRP: $400


The ever popular KTV from Slingshot has been redesigned for 2017 with a number of upgrades. The first thing you’ll notice are the new Gummy Straps, which replace the old velcro. This new system is actually pretty slick. The straps can stretch like crazy but rebound every time, which basically means they aren’t going to loosen up on you as you ride. The other is the Direct Connect soles, which basically eliminate the baseplate and leave an extremely small footprint for your boot. This gives you more connection, response time, and flex. A medium a flex pattern makes the KTV a versatile boot for all sorts of riding.

“To me the KTV boot is sick because it’s so simple. It’s low profile, the flexibility is a perfect mix of support and maneuverability, and the straps take all the headache out of keeping your feet tight for the whole session.” – Jeff McKee


Slingshot Shredtown
MSRP: $460


The boots that first made removable liners both practical and popular, the Shredtown bindings have returned with a few new features. Like Slingshot’s other high-end bindings, the Shredtown now feature Gummy Straps – the high-tension TPU that lets you cinch your boots tight without the worry of velcro or laces loosening up mid ride. The removable liner has its own lace up system for extra support, along with a rugged sole for walking in the nastiest of winch conditions. You could probably hike in these things. Not that you should, but you could.

“The new Shredtown boots are insane! The liners are easier to get in and out of the boot, the new base plates have no heel/toe lift and the gummy straps are so much more secure than Velcro. You will never have to tighten your straps mid-session again.” – Quinn Silvernale