The past three days some of the slingshot team and I had the chance to visit the Gravity Research Center located in Eastman, Georgia. Gravity is owned and operated by our good friend Wes Bearden who is by far one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met in all of my wake endeavors. He invited us up to hang out and enjoy the rail park that literally is his own backyard playground. The purpose of the trip was to simply ride, have fun, camp, fish, skate, cook pizza over the camp fire and take photo’s/video of the whole experience. When we arrived at the compound we settled into our camp site which actually looked more like an RV warehouse that had been turned into a skate park, and we just so happened to all have our skate decks with us as well. How convenient…


It was quite refreshing to be able to chill by the waters-side and watch fellow team riders Jeff House, Travis Propst, Heather Johnson, and Rhett Whatley get their tech on. Locals Jeff Langley and Brandon Lee also made it out to show us how it’s done gravity style. Those guys are good at rails; REAL GOOD. Also on the trip was photog. Jason Lee and film master Josh McWilliams. Josh was working on some innovative film techniques (involving a rope swing) throughout the weekend and Jason mastered Fishing with one hand and taking photo’s with the other. I challenged Jason to a fish off throughout the weekend and ended up getting destroyed, but I think it’s because of poor lure selection. You see Jason’s lure was the “5” tiki dip stick with a blue tip” which apparently has been his biggest secret to pulling fish out the sea for years. Apparently my lure wasn’t quite as dirty smelling as his, but I did come up with 2 fish.


If you or any of your pals are interested in visiting the hottest spot in the GA a.k.a. the Gravity Research Center, it is now open to the public. To make arrangements you can contact Wes Bearden;


I must extend a thank you to Wes not only for having us up to his pad to ride and camp, but also for being the most popular guy in Eastman, GA. We actually got pulled over for speeding on the drive back home and as soon as we mentioned the name Wes we were free and clear, good to go. We owe you big Wes!