By Chris Dickerson, evo, Seattle, WA: This week we are featuring Ronix and Red Bull athlete Adam Errington. We caught up with Adam at his place in Orlando to see what is new with him for this coming summer and what we should all be on the lookout for.

Also, be sure to check out what he is riding right now, the Ronix Bill Wakeboardand the Ronix Frank Wakeboard Bindings (they smell like bananas, literally).

evo: How are things these days? Where are you living?
Adam:  Things are great, got my own place on clear lake in Orlando, it’s a good spot I’m living with Bob Soven and our neighbors are Jim Lariche and Jeff Langley. We have a great crew.

evo: Any big film or competition plans for the season we should keep a look out for?
Adam: Looks like there is some film ideas in the works, nothing set in stone yet, as for my competition plans, you can find me at the PWT, Nationals, Worlds and I’m really looking forward to the Red Bull Wake Open here in Tampa. Also looking to work my way into a few rail events.


evo: What about travel plans, any unique destinations on your horizon?
Adam: I’ll be over in Europe for a few weeks in June for several rail events back to back, also looking to get over to Australia again at the end of the year.

evo: What’s your board set up looking like these days? Do you usually travel around with multiple boards for different purposes?
Adam: So pumped on my two boards the Bill and William. It’s perfect when I travel because I bring one of each and I’m set for any type of riding, boat and rails.

evo: What are some cool new things with Ronix this year, how much input do you have when making things happen?  
Adam: There are actually some really big and awesome things in store for Ronix this year. Can’t say much about it right now, but you will know very soon. And it will blow your mind.

evo: When not riding, what do you usually do to keep busy?
Adam: I really enjoy skydiving, also downtime with friends and family is hard to come by these days so that’s always nice.

evo: Do you ride cable much? What are some hot cable parks people should know about?
Adam: I do, I got my start in wakeboarding on the cable so I’ve always loved it. Just got back from Indonesia not too long ago to hit the new cable in Jakarta called Epic Cable it was a blast. I recommend checking it out.


evo: Got any new tricks you’re working on? What’s your go-to tricks when ‘warming up’?
Adam: I’ve got some pretty big goals for myself this year, I’ve made thedouble crow and now I want to take it to mobe. That’s my main goal, however I have some other ideas floating around so we will just see how the year goes.

evo: You ‘climbed the ranks’ pretty quick back in the day making your name one to be known in the wake industry, any up-an-coming riders people should be on the lookout for this season?
Adam: I’m sure you all know Mike Dowdy by now, he’s doing it right and will probably have one of the best rookie years in history, however, he came out of nowhere and you never know where and when the next Dowdy is (he laughs).

evo: How’s life behind the lens with MTV’s WakeBrothers?  
Adam: It’s nice, (more laughter), WakeBrothers was an experience for sure. It’s funny actually being apart of a reality show, kinda mind blowing, but we had a blast filming. All those guys (Phil and Bob Soven and the rest of the crew)  – are my best friends and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


evo: Red Bull is always finding new ways to innovate the world we live in, any awesome projects coming up that you’ve been involved in?
Adam: Red Bull may be taking over the world. They are really making a push in wake right now which is so amazing. Events like wake open, truly changed our sport for the better. I’ll be at a few rail events in Europe that are all Red Bull so you can imagine they will be unique. I’ve actually got a few projects in the works for this year involving Red Bull that I’m really excited about.

-Thanks Adam! ! It’s always great to hear what’s happening on the other coast and around the world! Come check out the Bill and the Frank to smell the bananas and watch Adam’s videos below!