It's a new week and with that new week comes a new Facebook Profile pic…You see I'm trying to re-invent myself in 2009 so I recently dropped the space and got onto the face. It seemed like a good move for both my social life and my professional career, but since I have made an effort to update my profile more often I have found myself in the same predicament week after week…Which photo do I want to the world to see? What will they think of me based on my profile pic? Do I want to look hip, professional, wild, or sexy? After-all the profile pic is like the cover page of my life story so i had better choose wisely. I've narrowed it down to these 4 and now I need your help…


photo #1

Photo #1 is one of those "I'm cool because I'm incredibly uncool" types of pictures. The fact that i would pick this photo to represent who I am speaks volumes about my sense of humor…the extreme close-up tells you that I'm comfortable in my own skin while the subtle mustache lets you know that I am spontaneous. The stupid look on my face is a light hearted bonus.


Photo #2

 Photo #2 is screaming with emotion. I think would be ironic because my profile pic would be a picture of my profile but others may think that I try to hide my insecurities with ridiculous model poses when they are completely unnecessary. The camera around might even make them think i am searching to find my true passion but so far shooting this mid level nikon at high noon is the best I could come up with. 


Photo # 3

Photo #3 is a photo of me wakeboarding. If I choose this photo because it never ran in the magazine and i just want as many people to see it as possible. However, if I use this photo I am scared people would assume that I think I am WAY cooler than them and probably wouldn't ever want to hang out. 


Photo # 4 

Photo # 4  is a classic facebook photo! I've got like 72 beers and my girlfriend all on top of two tiny wheels which is pretty much the most badass way to ride a scooter. I obviously like to party and I'm not scared to tell the world…Or am I? I've been hearing all sorts of horror stories about people losing jobs because of their facebooks and now there is the whole new wave of parents on facebook…What if my mom started a facebook and saw this pic? She would think I was drinking and scooting when I wasn't. Nevermind, my mom doesn't even use email…


Email me at and help me solve this profile pic dilemma!!!!