After 10 years of focusing all of our time and energy on building Alliance Wakeboard magazine and 9 years with this incredible website, we are putting our stamp of approval on a number of products for the coming year. What this stamp means is that we believe this product is special and it stands out enough from its peers that we think you should take a look at them. Not all products are ideal for all riders, which is why we are taking the time to truly test each of them – we test, we ride, we understand, we discuss, then if we approve we will let you know all about them. If they have this stamp, and it fits your riding style, then take a closer look.

What makes us qualified to decide what products you should spend more time with? How about the simple fact that there is not a group anywhere in the world that has the combined amount of wakeboard riding experience as the team at Alliance has. As a team, Alliance has over 250 years of combined wakeboard riding experience. How about that I helped to design some of the most progressive boards in the early to mid 90’s at Neptune, even helped design one of the first two twin tip wakeboards to hit the market – yes, the Neptune Six came out at exactly the same time as the Wake Tech Flight 69.

As we are wrapping up our 9th Gear Guide and has been live for 6 months now, we are testing and researching all of the new 2011 products that are hitting the market. And as we have been in the past, Alliance will be the place to see all of all the new products on the market, and find out which ones the team at Alliance have given our stamp of approval.