This week’s Alliance Photo Battle brings a new twist to the popular online camera contests. Due to the popularity and overwhelming demand for Photo Battle supremacy, we needed to make a change. From here on out a winning photo must now win two weeks in a row to win a prize. So if a photo wins one week, it must then win for a second week against a different competitor to claim the prize. In this digital world that’s a lifetime, but as they say, “no pixels, no power”… right? Sorry, that was lame.

To start things off in this new extended format, we’ve got a battle of the backyard rail setups. Appropriately enough it’s wakeboarder v. wakeskater. In one corner you have Matthew Roy’s shot of Floridian Trevor Bashir getting tweaked on pool gap flat bar. In the other corner you have Clay Wilson’s snap of wakeskater Matt Deal working a front board out at his local spot. Two solid rails, two solid photos. It’s now up to you you perusers of the web to decide which shot will make it to next week and go for the prize.

Photo by: Matthew Roy. Rider: Trevor Bashir

Photo by: Clay Wilson. Rider: Matt Deal

Which photo deserves to stick around for another week?

  • Clay Wilson's Wakeskate shot (52%, 298 Votes)
  • Matt Roy's Wakeboard shot (48%, 271 Votes)

Total Voters: 570

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This battle brought to you by Dragon. For your chance to win a gear from the mythical beast, submit your photos to the Alliance Photo Battle.