The Alliance booth was the place to be during this year’s Surf Expo weekend. On both Friday and Saturday we played host to Premieres and Beers. And yes, that is as good as it sounds: video premieres on the 80-inch flat screen and beers from the kegs. Last year we were “Sorry for Partying.” This year it was “Thank You for Partying.” Hey, at least we’re polite (most of the time). Hundreds of Expo-goers came by the booth each day to hang out, watch some awesome videos, and drink some brews. Some of the highlights from the videos that premiered were the new Permacation release from Ioda Media featuring Kevin Henshaw, a season perspective from Rusty Malinoski, an insane piece of work from Mike Dowdy, a new teaser for the sure-to-be-unbelievable cable video The Debut, and only-available-at-Expo teasers for Drop the Gun and a new video from Danny Hampson. There was also a showing of Sets in Motion, the ladies-only shorts created by Amber Wing and Oakley followed by a unique Q&A session with the riders and viewers. Overall the Premieres and Beers vibe was a highlight of Expo, which means we’re all looking forward to more next year.


No boys allowed for Sets in Motion


Brenton Priestley showing off his new BP pro model Byerly board. Spencer Norris is intrigued… look for product videos on the Alliance site soon!


Felix Georgii enjoying the vibes

GAC_1260 editor Josh Sleigh and insane shredder Chase Hazen checking out the new site