Video Performance of the Year (wakeskate)

Danny Hampson – Graceland


Danny might be an old soul who’s been around the proverbial block a time or two, but he still charges with the enthusiasm of a young buck.  Photo: Garrett Cortese
There is just something about the video camera that brings out the best in Danny Hampson. His riding in Graceland is some of his best ever – and the video is easily one of the most memorable of the year. Through the combination of unique winch spots, impressive rail hits, and the mind-blowing boat section, Hampson shows that he excels in every area of his discipline. Moreover, we have the utmost respect for someone willing to take over 50 attempts to land a trick for an edit (especially when that trick is a 360 waaayyy into the flats on a wakeskate). While we are a bit annoyed that Hampson does 3’s and mute pokes bigger than most of us do on our wakeboards, we have found a way to look past that. Big thanks to Danny for his persistence and dedication to the project and congrats to Collin Harrington for putting together another piece of video magic.


Dock life.  Photo: Garrett Cortese


Texas winch mission. Photo: Collin Harrington