Alliance Superlatives: Wake Park Rider of the Year
Tom Fooshee

fooshee_BSR transfer - bok

Tom holding court at BSR.  Photo: BOK

If you’re surprised to be reading this you need to make yourself some better coffee. The fact that Tom Fooshee recently won his fourth Wake Park Triple Crown overall title pretty much sums this one up. He’s called “The King” for a reason, kids, and when it comes to cable, the man can’t be beat. Fooshee’s talents on the water make him one of the most versatile riders in the game. Alliance’s 2010 ROTY consistently dominates the categories of Pro Men and Pro Men Features at cable events all over the globe. Additionally, he can randomly show up at a boat event and hold his own in any heat. While we might have accidentally thought he was 30 this year (sorry, Tom!), age is obviously not slowing down the King from Texas in any way.


We should all be used to this by now.  Photo: Cortese


To continue holding reign, Tom makes it rain.  Photo: Cortese